Assarisante - The Capital City of Assarisan



The Capital City of the Assarisan Empire was a vast complex of built within the Brag Delta. Over the three centuries of Assarisan rule of the plains and trade routes the city grew to encompass much of the river delta area, relying on it for transport, food and agriculture.

The Capital was abandoned in the Assarisan calendar year 489 after the Horde of the Wild Hunt destroyed the northern armies of the Empire and ransacked the entire area.


The Brag Delta has been inhabited throughout proto-history. The plentiful wildlife, fish, rich soil and fresh water drew early humans to the area after they were first established on the content. Settlements quickly grew in size around the outskirts of the delta and trappers and other adventures moved into the delta, forming trade route and mapping out fords, that would eventually become roads and bridges.

Initial camps within the interior of the delta also grew into settlements of various size. With this growth the people of the delta began to form into an alliance that would eventually become the Assarisan People. The settlements grew together into loose knit burbs of a what was already clearly a large complex. Arts and crafts flourished and with trade, neighboring tribes began to bring raw materials to the Assarisan craftsman.

The tribes learned to farm fish and other wetland creatures. They wove mats of a special reed called “Sindersan” which, once dried would not degrade in water. They wove the sindersan fibers into mate that became floating farms, like prehistoric hydroponics. They yields from these floating mats resulted in massive harvest which only fueled the growth of the city.

With regular floods, the permanent settlements grew into walled fortifications. During the flood seasons the fortified cities would become artificial islands. With the growth of these settlements further stone masons and workers were imported. The semi-independent villages and cities became linked by stone work and because a unified city.

Assarisante - The Capital City of Assarisan

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