Marsus Talek

An adventurer and patron for the PCs


Marsus was born to a well placed family in the White City. Despite being known as an “immigrant” IE refugee family. Marsus was able to place high in his exams and entered the White Council as an apprentice Wizard.

At some point in his studies he discovered the secrets of the Assarisan Empire and Totem Binding.

He first appears in the story as a patron, who hires the PCs at Gravel Creek, meeting them for the first time at the The Three Legged Horse Pub. He hired them, along with his assistance and bodyguard Brill to travel to the Capital of the Assarisan Empire to determine if all the Totems were really destroyed like the stories said.

Marsus and Brill traveled with the PCs, surviving several adventures. However, on a crisp clear night in a native encampment the PCs watched as Brill and Marsus were murdered with knives and claws. The PCs escaped by entering the undead city of Jembokel.

The PCs believed Marsus to be dead and traveled to the Capital city to try and recover the The Book of the World Names. At the top of the hanging gardens in the Assarisan Capital the PCs find Marsus again.

He tells them that he will be the new human god. A new totem god that will absorb all the powers of the other totem gods in order to defeat The Wild Hunt. Only a God can defeat a God. Marsus traps the PCs in a wall of force and then offers them to join him as “Bishops” or “Captains”. In front of them he uses the knowledge god to absorb TBOTWN and learn the true names of all the totem gods. He then seems to voluntarily allow the White Council to capture him.

He vanishes, leaving the PCs to deal with a raging totem god, in the form of a Green Dragon.

Marsus Talek

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