Endelwyne Adventure 11

Searching the Ruins of Jembokel


After the terrible battle above the skies of Jembokel the PCs reach the end of the tramway and leave the car. Turok’s terrible injuries from the Will-o-wisps were finally identified. He had major burns on his chest from the lightening bolt and serious damage to his internal organs. The healing magic that saved him from the brink of death seemed to have started the healing process on the burns, but internally his body is still badly damaged.

The heroes all had to take a rest. With the sun now breaking over the roof tops of the city the undead hordes had retreated back to their hollows, so the long rest was secure and uneventful. The group roused about mid-watch in the afternoon and began to search the area around them.

The tramway station ended in a very large market district, which allowed the heroes to look for almost any item they needed.

Red Feather headed off with Copper and quickly found a number of stores with great items. Searching carefully, a single door caught his eye. It appeared that a store behind had built itself within an alley of two other buildings. He was drawn to it. Entering the gloom, he found himself in a small artesian black smith shop. Walking to the back of the alley, he explored the space. Turning slowly he discovered a full suit of polished half plate armor hanging on the wall. Searching the rest of the afternoon, he successfully found an intricately covered tall walking stick / quarterstaff with silver inlay and a wolf motif. He found barding for Copper, a set of War Dog leather armor that was black with bronze metal accents. He also found some coins in a few chests and bags in the other shops he checked.

Turok immediately went to find a fetcher so he could find a bow worthy of his high expectations. Having once owned a bow making business he had great success in finding a store that was obviously owned by a high quality fletcher. Using his arcana expertise he was able to find a bow, not in the store, but in the apartment above. Taking the fine bow from its perch he could immediately feel the quality of the manufacture. Searching for magic defensive items wasn’t quite as easy, however. Once the Wild Hunt’s horde reached the outskirts of Jembokel, most magic items of defense had already been taken to be used in the battles. His search wasn’t fruitless though, he found several potions that he saved for a later date.

Sharasen had great beginners luck. He entered a ransacked magic shop and was able to find an Amulet of Proof Against Detection and Location. He then tamed a wolverine in the merchant district park, feeding the hunger animal beef jerky from his pack. Searching for anything magical, he stumbled upon a hidden magical door, and after figuring out how to open it, he discovered a thieve’s guild secret stash of weapons and a Cloak of Evenkind, which he immediately took. He also discovered a potion of greater healing and a few coins in his searching.

Zook went on a search for weapons and armor. Knowing his limits as a druid made it a bit difficult to use everything he found. He found a well guarded armory store, which was surrounded by a fence of spears all with unique spearheads. Inside, he discovered an incredible wooden scimitar. The blade was covered in an inlayed scene of nature, with trees and animals all realized in perfect detail. He also discovered a Cloak of Elvenkind and a treasure trove of gold pieces.

After looting the area around them the team decided they should go to the train station and hide out in the train car, hoping to leave early before sun set.

The heroes arrived at the station, finding it completely empty, accept for one train car. The train seemed to be driven by a cog. Sharesen scouted the area with his hawk familiar and saw the large building was mostly dilapidated.

The characters broke a window in the train to enter it and Zook figured out how to open the locked doors from the inside. Working together the heroes couldn’t figure out how to make the train leave early, but they did find out that the mechanism seemed to be somehow connected to an hour glass that was counting down to the mid-evening watch departure time.

As the sun set the characters all took up positions inside the car. A bell tolled, echoing through the huge empty space of the train stations.

A scathing voice yelled at them:

“I am the Herald of Horchet, come out and join us or let me prove to my Lord that I can destroy you!”

They looked out the window, and standing in the open on the train landing was a wight, flanked by a ogre zombie. The 9 foot tall zombie was carrying a street sign with a ball of cement on the end of it as a weapon.

“Come out or we will destroy your rail car and you will never leave! Meet my challenge and if you survive you can leave!” Screamed the Wight.

The heroes collected themselves, Turok cast invisibility and crawled out of the broken window, however his damaged body was not strong enough and he fell while trying to get to the roof of the train car. The rest of the team tried to formulate a plan.

The Wight lost his patience, and allowed a flaming arrow to be launched from the group of zombies behind him. Then he ordered the Orge to attack the door of the train car. A single great hit buckled the door and the characters prepared for their next battle.

Mechanics and DM’s corner

Turok had to roll on the sustained injury table due to dropping below zero in the last adventure. Due to the severe damage he received, due to the Will o’ Wisps critical success, he had to roll twice on the table. He rolled for internal organ damage and festering wound. The festering wound healed by the magic that brought him back to health, but the internal damage will take longer. Any physical activity during combat will require him to make a Con save DC 15. This lends itself to roll playing the physically broken wizard archetype and will also impact his strange feelings of age as the game goes on.

The search for stuff in the merchant district was run as a skill challenge. The players had to RP the search and use one of their skills creatively to determine what they could find. Good RP resulted in advantage on the roll. DC of 10 got pedestrian loot, DC greater than 20 got great stuff. In cases where the bonus or power could be adjusted I had the players roll a 1d4 and took high or low. Zook got his +2 Scimitar due to having a very high check (23) and rolling a 4 on the d4, for example.

Each player got five chances to search and could specify what they were looking for or could roll on one of the random tables if they just wanted to search.

The skills challenge took a bit longer to play than I thought it would bite vetting seemed to have enjoyed it as a full game session.


Coyote Coyote

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