Endelwyne Adventure 12

Final Battle in Jembokel


The heroes find themselves trapped in the large Assarisan train car. Outside the 8 ft tall Zombie Orge has rushed forwarded and smashed his street sign post into the door of the train, buckling it, but not causing it to open yet.

Wasting no time the characters attacked the Orge, while the Wight hung back, apparently waiting to see what would happen.

With a flourish of magic the Ogre found itself suddenly being assaulted from all directions. Anna, pulled a shard of glass from her spell pouch and cast a cloud of daggers around the Ogre’s head. Sharasen cast Witch Bolt on the undead creature and Turok cast flaming sphere. In an instant the Ogre found itself in a malestrom of pain and it had to quickly retreat as Red Feather leapt out train car and sliced open its thigh with a Tomahawk.

Copper curled up in the train car to take a nap, yawning and stretching out.

The Ogre retreated out of the cloud and attempted to escape the sphere and the witchbolt. The Wight, filled with anger rushed Red Feather, but just as he was about to bring his wicked blade one of the spinning blades from the nearby cloud of daggers hit his hand, loosening his grip and sending his sword spinning into the train car. The Ogre sensing a chance to get back at the characters who had so badly hurt it rushed Red Feather as well, but the spirits of his ancestors had chosen this day to protect Red Feather. As the Ogre approached Red Feather timed a counter attack just right and stepped in toward the Ogre. The loss of his sword had thrown off the Wight’s balance. As Red Feather moved in, he drew the Wight forward and the great sign post mace the Ogre wields bashed into the Wight instead of Red Feather.

Sensing the battle was going their way the heroes pressed their attack. The Ogre fell under the onslaught of continuous magic, getting sliced, burned and electrocuted by the powerful magic of the spell casters. The creature couldn’t escape the whirling attacks, despite counter attacks against the users, they all were able to hold their concentration and eliminate the monster.

Calling on the power of nature Zook cast moonbean and the brilliant holy light tore into the undead magic of the Wight, damaging him severely. Red Feather attacked the now unarmed Wight, scoring massive hits in succession with his Tomahawks and destroying the fell creature with seeming easy measure.

With the two leaders vanquished is such easy succession the surrounding zombies rushed forward. Now the heroes seemed more pressed. The multiple targets of the zombies distributed their magical damage. With claws and bite the zombie horde was able to drop Sharasen. Just then the hourglass in the train rain dry and the car lurched forward. Red Feather rushed to Sharasen, grabbing up his body as Copper woke suddenly, blinked into the mass of zombie and helped to cover the escape. Turok had more difficulty climbing into the train as it started to roll forward. The zombies weren’t able to keep up as the train picked up speed.

Rolling down the track the train quickly left the station and the characters were able to see the streets of Jembokel, swarming with zombies and skeletons. The monsters were unable to harm them within the train as they quickly headed north, soon leaving the city.

An ingenious series of gates, like an air lock sealed behind them and then opened ahead revealing the great plains beyond the northern walls of the dead city. The heroes had escaped and were ready to leave the dead behind.

DM’s Corner

So… this battle didn’t quite go how I thought it was. I had hoped this would be the first really challenging battle for the players, as we really haven’t had that knock down, not sure if we are going to make it through battle yet. Even the battles with the goblins seemed passable.

Despite the correct level for this encounter it really didn’t feel all that challenging. A big part of that was the rolls. I had originally rolled two terrible initiatives for the Ogre and the Wight. Starting at the end of the order when the magic-users started throwing concentration and continuing damage spells was very hard for the monsters to fight against. The encounter didn’t have the option of dealing damage to the users, to break their concentration and from where they were, covered in the train car that had a big starting advantage.

Secondly, which was actually great fun, I rolled two critical fails for the first two attacks. The wight lost his sword, not connecting with Red Feather and then when the Ogre attacked he ended up hitting the Wight.

I also forgot the Wight had damage resistance, which would have helped, but when Red Feather hit the Wight two time in a row and with a Critical Hit, there wasn’t much different if I had remembered to only take the half damage.

Excited to have the players head to the Capital, I think the story will pick up from here and we have some new players that should be joining us soon!


Coyote Coyote

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