Endelwyne - Adventure 10

Second Battle of the Sky Tram

Hanging 200 feet above the dead city of Jembokel the PCs take a quick minute to catch their breath and recover from the battle with the Specters. They Will-o-wisp has vanished into the night. The tram car is badly damaged from the battle with the Specters and the raging winds that Zook and Turok used to blast them. The shutters on the windows are all blown out, the doors are wide open, barely hanging on their hinges and the whole tram creaks with every movement of the heroes.

Closing the gap is the oncoming tram, full of skeletons. From his perch on top of the cable, Sharesen can now see the car coming. His spider climb has worn off but as they two cars close the distance, he uses a bit a halfling dexterity and luck and launches himself across the gap between the cable he was on, and the on coming tram. He lands securely on the roof and hears a chattering of teeth down below him.

To get a better view of the oncoming tram Red Feather climbs to the roof of the hero’s car and waits.

As the trams move closer the PCs create a plan, they will risk catching the oncoming tram car on fire. They will count on the spells of the druid Zook to put out the fire before the decades old hemp cable catches and snaps. When the two tram cars are just 30 feet away he starts to heat the metal in the clamp on the roof of the skeleton fullltram car, which holds it to the hempen cable. Sharsen sees the immediate results and smells the wood of the clamp as it starts to smolder. Sharsen examines the clamp to find it is linked to a control box, just like their tram and a plan starts to form in his mind.

Suddenly the shutters on the skeleton car drop and the hero’s car is lanced through with arrows. All the character dive to the floor of the tram as the dangerous missiles sale through the tram car and bury themselves into the dry wood of the tram wall. Copper the blink dog, starts to moan and together Red Feather and Zook come up with a plan.

Turok and Anna return fire on the skeleton car, Anna with her heavy cross bow hitting a skeleton and Turok, with a fire bolt. As he stands up a final arrow sales past him, throwing off his aim, sending the fire bolt sailing against the wall of the hero’s tram instead. He frantically puts out the resulting burst of fire and cinders.

Working together Zook, how casts Speak with Animals, and Red Feather, with his connection to the blink dog, show copper what they want him to do. In the hero’s tram are three levers, which they used to clamp the tram car to the ever moving cable of the tram way. Now they explain to the dog that they want him to blink to the other car and attack the levers in their car, releasing the car from the clamp.

Convinced that the dog is ready, they send him and with a snap and flash of light the dog blinks to the other car, surprising nearly 15 skeletons. Their eyes flash purple at the intruder but are so surprised they don’t immediately react.

The trams are now just a few feet from each other. Sharsen, understanding what might be happening leaps for the hero’s car, roof top to roof top. Red Feather is there and reaches out to grab him right as Copper leaps at the levers. He is so excited that he knows just what to do, with his nose and two paws he slams the three levers up and with a satisfying click the clamps holding the skeletons car to the cable releases. Finishing the leap and sure the levers are unlocked Copper blinks back to his tram and poses, tail waging and tongue rolling. He knows he’s done good.

Sharsen connects with Red Feather’s hand as the skeleton’s car begins to fall out from under him. The trams have gotten close enough that the doors are nearly equal. Five skeletons rush forward, crossing the few feet between the trams and attacking the heroes with their short swords. Behind them the tram car falls away.

Zook, Turok, Copper and Anna battle with the skeleton invaders. One of the skeletons catches Anna from behind, driving his short sword deep into her back and causing a terrible injury. Zook casts Shillage on club and make short work of two of the skeletons. In its rush to get in the tram, one of the skeletons tumbled and fell right in front of Turok. With his hand crossbow he shoots the skeleton right in the back of the head, nearly ending its undeath in one shot.

One of the skeletons has a scroll case on its back. Zook nails it right on the temple, shattering the head of the skeleton, dropping it into a pile of bones. Near the end of the battle, with just a few skeletons remaining the Will-o-wisp reappears, surrounding the heroes in globes of yellow light. Red feather leaps down from the roof, after delivering Sharesen safely.

Anna is forced to heal herself from the wound in her back. Sharesen does a perfect back flip over his skeleton adversary, but is unable to hit with his follow up attack.

The Will-o-wisp targets Turok once again and with a terrible bolt off lightening strikes him down. The bolt is so strong it scorches all the hair of his head and leaves singe marks all over his clothing. Immediately when he falls the globes pulse dark purple and begin to swirl over his fallen body. A purple mist starts to rise from Turok’s broken body.

Moving forward in a single movement Red Feather calls his tomahawks to his hands and with a mighty swing catches the largest globe and sunders it in half. The other globes turn gray and fall to the ground bursting like balls of jello.

Sharesen completes another back flip back the other way he came and then connects with this quarterstaff, shattering the back of the final skeleton.

With the battle over the night is suddenly quiet once again. The PCs take stock of their situation. Zook casts his final spell to heal Turok back from the edge of death. They all realize how close they came to losing their friend to the terrible powers of the Will-o-wisp.

They all gather as Zook opens the scroll case, barely avoiding what he is sure is some sort of contact poison. Inside a schedule follows out. On the paper it says “Land Trams to the Capital”, roughly translated from the original Assarisan language, which Zook knows how to speak. All the departure times, other than first watch, about 10:30pm are crossed out in fresh ink. Down below is writing “See you then” in Assarisan with a symbol. The PCs recognize it as the symbol of a totem-god names Horchet. He was once known as a totem-God that helped souls pass into the after life. The belief was that if he didn’t help them across, they would be cursed to roam the Earth in undeath.

Zook correctly reasons that the undead army, the skeletons especially that carry the symbol of Horchet on their foreheads, may belong to Horchet. If he had gone insane trapped inside a totem, then when he was released he may have hated the living so much that he wanted to trap them as undead.

The heroes ride the tram until it stops in the station, as the sun starts to come up over the city again. On the wall of the tram station is a map of the city, showing them how to get to the Land Tram station and they decide to head that way.

Outside the tram station they find a pile of old wagons, some contain treasure. They travel and find a place to rest, not sure what the following night might bring, but sure that something will be waiting for them in the dark when they get to the Land Tram Station.

They decide


Coyote Coyote

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