White City

Brief Description

The White City is one of the seven Mountain Jewels, the towns along the caravan route across the mountains.

The striking appearance of the White city is highlighted by its position, sitting in a nearly round bowl at the top of a huge peak called Mt. Andrest. The town buildings are carved from the white marble stone that makes up Mt. Andrest. The city is surrounded by a tall wall and the pass it guards is the only for leagues to either direction along one of the mountain divides.

The City is the center of all human magic and learning. There are colleges of magic throughout the town and all human Wizards are expected to be registered with the White Council, headquartered in the City.

Above the city is a magical glass dome, which while open keeps the city at a temperate temperature and melts any snow that falls through it. Even in winter the city is completely habitable and a refuges for the tribes and settlements around Mt. Andrest.

Below the city is rumored to be a labyrinth where a tribe of Minotaurs live. The White Council often use Minotaurs for heavy muscle to enforce their plans and efforts.

The city and the white council are both ruled absolutely by the White Lich, an immortal undead wizard who transformed himself into a Lich. The rumor is that instead of turning dead black like most Lich’s, that he became as white as alabaster stone.


The White City has an unknown history. The creation of the dome and its protection for the high altitude city is lost in myth. One story is that the White Lich, when he was mortal was part of the group of mages that created, and now he is the only one left. Another story is that a God created the Dome to help create a city high in the mountains as a place of pilgrimage.

A final story is that the dwarves built the dome, as a sanctuary at the top of the world to live in its splendor. Now they have retreated into the dark of the world, for unknown reasons.

People / Culture

White City

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