United Brotherhood of the Plane

United Brotherhood of the Plane


This guild protects ancient secrets of woodworking while supplying labor and raw material for buildings throughout Twilight Park.  The largest buildings in Twilight Park were built (they use the term fashioned) by the Brotherhood.  As such they are also the experts in repair and rebuilding of the great structures.

Their incredible artistry requires no pins or other fasteners.  The connection large wood pillars and simple furniture with geometric interlocks that are as strong as they are beautiful.  The sense of focused craftsmanship permeates all the Guild stands for.


(Lawful Good, Serene, Helpful, Dedicated)


This guild maintains trade schools and mills within Twilight Park, and lumber yards and operations in the great forests to the South and East of the city.  Their loose control over the timber industry is driven more through cultural alignment of the Craftsman and Tradesmen they train, than commercial interest or intimidation.  A Guild Stamp on lumber, furniture, or even a building comes with a great deal of pedigree and is sought after by the wealthy in Twilight Park.  Caravans also trade in the fine furniture that the Guild is famous for.  Guild members must attain carpentry ranks, similar to those that study the martial arts, collect or make for themselves the specialty saws and tools of the trade, and apprentice under another Guild member, before earning their stamp.

Counterfeit stamps are a constant source of friction for the Guild, and one they do not tolerate.  

Size and Areas of Control

The Brotherhood of the Plane are not especially wealthy or powerful, but they also don't see themselves as a power broker guild.  Their artistic culture, mixed with a zen-like focus on perfection while working creates a guild much more interested in craftsmanship and service, than politics and power.  They are quite large, however, with almost all the tradesman and carpenters in Twilight Park having some affiliation with them.  Most projects, are overseen by Brotherhood masters.

They number in the thousands for this reason, but the leadership and masters are only a few hundred members strong.  Once a Master attains a stamp they are allowed to start their own school.  So the guild has spread almost virally across the entire city.  Schools are tolerated in all areas of the city and are a useful network for the guild to move information and goods.  Their headquarters is the Brotherhood's Academy of Wooden Arts located in the Torgan District of High Canyon.  Thespralling campus has large areas for storage of finished wood products and training for the guild members and Masters.

The Guild also maintains several large woodcutting camps around the forests surrounding Twilight Park.  These camps can have as many as 500 workers at a time as they work to clear the woods, and replant them for the next generation.


  • Guild Members: Thousands of craftsmen, woodworkers and cutters pledge allegiance to the guild. There are hundreds of Certified Masters that run projects and manage the business for the Guild.
  • Leadership: The Master Council is a loosely formed group of the most experience or highest skilled Masters.  They meet once a month on the new moon to manage the guild and direct it's efforts.


Academy of Wooden Arts: Headquarters and master school for the Guild.

Several work camps in the woods around Twilight Park that verge on the size of small villages, once they are established.


Any work that goes on in Twilight Park related to woodworking or construction will have some activity related to the Brotherhood.  They can create, build and repair the city and their influence can be seen in the architecture of every major building. They will not interfere with a non-guild project, but they will keep careful watch for frauds and competition from carpenters that are unaffiliated.





Notable Members

Keeper of the Guild Negarda Sandors
Keeper of Arms Wigio Byack
Keeper of the Coin Gotwo Tanka
Keeper of the Records  

United Brotherhood of the Plane

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