Twilight Park

Twilight Park


Twilight park is considered one of The Seven Jewels.  It is considered the center of the Caravan road and as such plays a prominent role in the caravan economy. The city sprawls along a canyon system, trapped between two towering peaks.  The Twilight Brothers, Gorlan and Neverbright keep the city in perpetual shadow.  The sun, regardless of the season only shines on the city during a brief few hours during the autumn equinox.

The city was founded around ancient and played out mines.  As the caravan economy grew, so did the city. The early economy was based on trading the last of the fine ores from the played out mines.  Then the city grew up as an important resupply station.  Below the city, in the deep valleys, several elven principalities rule.  These elves and their fey allies helped create farms within the abandoned mines.  Using a mixture of magic, horticulture and animal husbandry the farms became highly successful.


Population: 280,000

Human: 45%

Elven: 15%

Dwarf: 5%

Gnome: 10%

Halfling: 5%

Teifling: 15%

Area: 8 Miles along the main canyon.  Branch canyons between 1-4 miles off the main canyon.

Climate: Cool to cold most of the year, driven in part by the elevation of the city and the fact it is in perpetual shadow from the two mountain peaks nearby.  Low annual precipitation.

Elevation: 8500ft to 7500ft

Government: Guild League; Each canyon branch is controlled by one or more guilds.  Guild membership in the city is around 15%. Guilds are generally responsible for the laws and upkeep in their areas of control. In some ways, the city is really more like many small villages and districts that share the same area, rather than a unified and functioning city-state.

Prominent Guilds and Their Leaders:

Guild Name


Guild Name


Ring Hammers

Sisbert Rechiar

Shatter Shaper  


Thela Remismund

United Brotherhood of the Plane  


Orosz Árpád

Glory of the Stag  


Guriant Sambell

Citizens of the Revenant  

Marble Forge


Jade Guardians  

Nature Smiths


Guild Affinities


Strongly Affiliated Weakly Affiliated Guild Name Weakly Against Strongly Against
Drumgarde Shatter Shaper Ring Hammers    
  Ring Hammers Shatter Shaper    
    Solar Cloaks    
    United Brotherhood of the Plane    
    Nature Smiths    
    Marble Forge    
    Jade Guardians    
Ring Hammers   Drumgarde    
    Citizens of the Remnant    
    Glory of the Stag    


Rumored Organizations and Other Groups

Behind the intrigue and struggles between the Guilds, there are known and unknown groups that operate in the shadows.

The most well known, but still unofficial organization is the Scions. This group of terrorists seems to cause random destruction and attack nearly all the guilds with ease.  Despite their activities, the group has never made any "official" proclamation of their intent.

A group that has been growing, and found favor with "unaffiliated" is the Council of Naman.  The Council has grown into both a social movement (representing the rights of unaffiliated) and a religion of sorts with some cult like services during meetings.

There are several suspected thieve's guilds operating within the city as well.  None of them are publicly known, however.

Current Events and Political Movements

Since the fall of the Assarisan Empire and the slowing of the Caravans, it has become clear to some leaders of the Guilds that changes are coming to their way of life.  Without the lifeblood of the Caravans, the economy of the City and the power of the guilds is in Jeopardy.  Several guilds have looked at the "writing on the wall" and fear that the hostilities between the guilds over the shrinking pie could result in open hostilities.

Several guilds have come out in favor of a new order.  They refer to themselves as the "Unionist" and they argue that a newly unified city government is necessary.  The extreme Unionist even argue that this would require a complete dismantling of the current Guild structure.  However, this is a very minority view.  Most Unionist argue for a council that would be elected by guild leaders.

The other faction, which isn't organized, but referred to as the Statists by the Union argue that there is no need for a central authority in the City and that the guild system should continue.  The Ring Hammers are the largest proponents of this philosophy, to the point that they are actively building a defense in Sidel Warren.

The rise of the unaffiliated and their organizing by the Council of Naman is a concern to every guild.  The vast majority of the citizens in Twilight Park are not officially in guilds and don't share the wealth and status that comes from being a guild member.  Therefore, if the citizens were ever to organize it is well understood that the guilds could find themselves in trouble.  This is one of the reasons most guilds maintain their own militias and spend treasure on maintain security in their areas.  It's possible that if the Council grows much more powerful or vocal the guilds will step in to take it down.

Major Areas

Sidel Warren The Ring Hammers Area

Solarhall Guildhall of the Solar Cloaks

Gorlan and Neverbright The two Mountain peaks that keep Twilight Park in shadow

The Mines of Twilight Park

Twilight Park

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