A guild of wizards and clerics that have strong ties to the sun and fire magic.  Born from a school artesian and artificers that originally crafted torches and lanterns, they now are responsible for lighting the city streets and creating magical lights for the interior of the wealthiest houses.

Their special gift to the city was the creation of the solar rods that are used to power the underground farms throughout the mines of Twilight Park.  Feeding a grateful city and making them a strong and powerful guild.


(Lawful Good, Formal Organization with Difficult Membership, Secretive, Powerful, Wealthy)


The Solarcloaks were founded by artificers and artisans that embraced the magic of light and fire in order to help the city as it developed.  As they grew in knowledge they formalized their structure to protect the secrets of creating their lanterns and solar rods, the large and power artifacts that illuminate the underground tunnels below and around Twilight Park.  The few top members of the guild are the only ones trusted with the secrets of the guild.  Every year they exact a large sum from the various other guilds for their maintenance and up keep of the solar rods in the farms.  This has generated a large negative feeling by some of the guilds, who don't believe they should have to  continue the "Light Tithe" every year.

They have expertise in magic related to fire and light.  Most of their members are either divine or arcane magic users.  A smaller percentage of the membership are the artificers that create physical items necessary to imbue magic on.

The guild can move freely throughout Twilight Park and serve all the different guilds with their magic items.  The maintain a large workshop, guild house and shop in the lower district of [[Enderick's Wash]].  In the store they have a variety of items for sale, mostly mundane for common use.  Any extravagant or special item is required to be a special order.

Guild members are recognizable by their golden yellow or white hair, which seems to have an inner light, even in the gloom of Twilight Park.

Size and Areas of Control


  • Guild Members: 15
  • Acolytes: 37
  • Associates: 42


Solar Hall: Guildhall, workshop and store.  Permanent residence of the Guild Leader and majority of the Acolytes.


The Solarcloaks do not have a neighborhood or territory, they can freely move throughout the city and are often seen tending to the underground farms.

Affinities, Allies and Enemies


The guild is associated with light, fire and goodness.  Generally their leadership is well mannered, but serious.  They keep archives of magic, and are rumored to have a large library of ancient tomes.  Their affinity with the light and fire has led them to research the elemental plane of fire.  They can both control, create and destroy fire.  In an emergency they are often called to help put out a fire if it has broken out.  It is also a well known urban legend that the leadership of the guild has a powerful fire elemental ally.


The Solarcloaks work most closely with the Nature Smiths and the Jade Guardians, as these guilds are both focused on the maintenance and protection of the underground farms.  The Guild also keeps close ties with the fey.

Notable Members

Leader "Guild Master"

Thela Remismund

"Bright Fire" Leader of the Solar Rod Work Shop

Bino Cicite

Acolyte Leader and Agent "Sun Speaker"

Mina Pharasen


Endelwyne Coyote Coyote