Shatter Shaper

Shatter Shaper


The Shatter Shaper guild is home to fine metal workers.   How the guild got its name has been lost to time, but they are now a very powerful guild, aligned closely with the Ring Hammers.  The Shatter Shaper guild owns a great number of ancient mines that are still producing precious metals.  They use the copper, silver, gold and platinum the draw from the earth to produce fine works of jewelry and art that they trade to the caravans.

They are world renowned for their ability to shape metal into fine vessels and plates with incredibly hammered designs.  Any wealthy family worth anything in Twilight Park has a complete setting of Shatter Shaper bowls, plates, platters, and goblets.

The leadership of the guild runs it much closer to a modern business than a guild.  Everything about the guild is focused on profit, they use their affinity with the Ring Hammers to pay for high levels of protection.   Their wealth finds its way into every corner of Twilight Park life, including rumors that they maintain a private thieves guild that does their bidding from the shadows.

The Shatter Shapers are a silent partner in many of the banks and money changers scattered throughout Twilight Park.


(Dry, Lawful-Neutral, Wealthy, Well Armed, Manipulative)


Members of this guild represent the top level of the high society in Twilight Park.  They are wealthy and maintain large internal estates within the city.  The guild maintains a very small "board" of leaders, making sure everyone else in the guild is aligned in complex economic relationships like apprenticeships and indentured servitude.

The dress of guild members varies, with no set code of dress.  The guild prefers having a paradox in their dress and appearance.  The leadership try to maintain anonymity as much as possible and never travel on the open streets of the bustling city.  Guild stores, workers, and mines, however, are very publicly displayed.  Anyone robbing or otherwise trying to cause an issue with a Shatter Shaper property tends to disappear or have terrible retribution brought upon their families.

Size and Areas of Control

It is difficult to determine the exact size of the Shapers, as they use their money and influence to control a wide variety of groups and businesses across Twilight Park.  They have a strong hand in the banking and money exchange system in the city.  When caravans enter the town they are typically after the wealth the Shapers offer both raw precious metals and finished goods.  This wealth exchange also means the guild has a collected rumored stockpiles of weapons, armors and magical goods that they have purchased from the caravan masters.

The guild maintains a near monopoly on the mining of precious metals in the city.  The refining, selling and working with the metal is typically done in a guild shop, but occasionally they will work with independent craftsman.   The guild has an arrangement with the Ring Hammers.  They provide security when called upon.  The exact nature of their arrangement is not clear, however.

The guild also maintains their own security force, which they can call upon to guard their interests.


  • Guild Members:  Perhaps as many as 50
  • Associates: 1500 (Shop Keepers, Apprentices, Mine Workers)
  • Leadership Council "Board of Directors": 12


The guild maintains a headquarters in Darrow's Brang.  It is a giant keep, complete with a tall wall and multiple secure entrances.  There are four buildings within the Keep.  Rumors of vast vaults of riches swirl whenever the guild hall is mentioned.  The Shapers keep the wall painted a bright yellow, so for generations, it has been called the Yellow Reach.

As stated, the Guild has ownership rights in nearly all the precious metal mines across the city.  Many of them are kept as a "known" secret.  Meaning they miners that work there know what they are mining, but wouldn't ever make it public that they were working there.  The mine bosses are known for being particularly brutal.

The main money changing houses are run by the Shapers as well.  The selling of art and trinkets and magical items can be done at these houses.  No one is sure what the Guild does with these items, but they do have auctions during Caravan visits.

Their metal wares are sold in stores throughout Twilight Park, as are most jewelers tied to their circle of influence as well.  Guild jewelers always have better prices than their non-guild competitors. 


The district around Yellow Reach and most of Darrow's Brang are under direct Shatter Shaper control.  This is a very wealthy district, known for the ability to find nearly anything money can buy.  The homes are of a higher caliber and during Caravan Days the Brang has the greatest balls.

The Brang, like other guild controlled areas, does have a code of conduct.  It is enforced by uniformed guild guardsmen.  In the shadows, it is rumored that the guild maintains a secret guild of assassins as well.  Crime, especially theft or violent crime have serious consequences.  Minor offenses, like public drunkiness are usually dealt with by the guard as public punishments.



Notable Members

Keeper of the Guild Negarda Sandors
Keeper of Arms Wigio Byack
Keeper of the Coin Gotwo Tanka
Keeper of the Records  

Shatter Shaper

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