The Scions


1. a young shoot or twig of a plant, especially one cut for grafting or rooting.

synonyms: cuttinggraftslip; More

2. a descendant of a notable family.

"he was the scion of a wealthy family"

synonyms: descendant; More

Publicly Known Information

The Scions are believed to be a freelance terrorist group within the city.  They wear red face scarves that seem to protect their identities from both mundane and magical means of identification.  They are known to use incredible equipment which has given them a serious edge in battles with various guilds.

This group has taken responsibility for destroying several warehouses and workshops.  They assassinated a leader of the Glory of the Stags, which has been their most brazen action to date.  The Ring Hammers and Drumgaurde have both publicly placed high bounties for information leading to the capture of death of any member of the Scions.   



Tesh Lash


Yon Wetatod

Ceollaugur Eorunsson

Bobaress Sijenis

Pacheco Tahltria

Behaless Fabaral


Endelwyne Coyote Coyote