Ring Hammers

Ring Hammers


The Ringhammers are a guild in Twilight Park.  They are one of the largest and most powerful.  They started as blacksmiths and metal workers, and as such have control of the majority of the incoming ore into the city.  They control the Sidel Warren, one of the largest side canyons off the main Caravan Road.


(Lawful Evil, Strict Membership Rules, Tight Community, Violent, Powerful)


Members of the Ringhammers proudly maintain their blacksmith ties.  They are frequently seen wearing leather aprons or leather kilts.  Members always carry a light hammer or pick as a primary weapon.

To join one must fit the mold.  They are very particular about the type of person they let in.  Due to the fact that any member could be called to violence on their behalf they prefer large and muscular members of their races.  Guild members that are smiths (not all but most) must fashion a [[Kiran blade]] to their exacting standards in order to join.  Urban legends exist of smiths found in the street, with their own defective Kiran's jammed through their throat.

The guild halls are riotous.  Bag pipes are typically playing loudly and the ale flows easily.  Ringhammers like to grow large beards and welcome dwarves of any clan as "kin".  Most of the dwarves in Twilight Park live in the Sidel Warren for this reason.

In contrast to the riotous guild halls, the streets of Sidel Warren are safe and well patrolled by enforcer members of the guild.  Punishments for breaking the law is swift, public and typically brutal.

The Ringhammers are also quite protective of their weapon and metal business.  They have been known to demand protection money from other black smiths in other boroughs.  They routinely pick fights with other guilds in their areas, if they think they can exact a quick beating.

Size and Areas of Control


  • Guild Members: 415
  • Associates and Militia: 1200+
  • Leadership Council: 7


Hammer Hall: Guildhall, meeting hall, tavern, blacksmith workshop.

Targa Mine: A still active mine they control, hidden within their district of Sidel Warren. The mine still produces a highly pure alloy of "blue steel"

The guild "owns" all black smith shops of guild members, including their tools, anvils and property.  This is part of the agreement when a member joins the guild.


Sidel Warren and the entire neighborhood

Affinities, Allies and Enemies


The guild has affinity for smiths and weapon making.  The are associated with gruff, hard working smiths that are disagreeable by nature.  The are also suspected of being associated with other petty crime, running rackets, ransom and trafficking in dangerous potions and magical items.  While they don't have any affinity for magic or magic users (arcane or divine) they do employ a few wizards to help create magical weapons for their most important guild members and clients.


The only guild the Ringhammers could consider any ally are the Glory of the Stag.  Some of the woodsmen in that guild lean towards the Ringhammers in temperament and dress.

Notable Members

Leader "The Ring Hammer" Sisbert Rechiar
Lieutenant "Hammer" Aoric Thorismud
Lieutenant "Hammer" Tanais Uraias


Ring Hammers

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