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Endelwyne simply means “through” in the ancient language of the Assarisans. The name comes from the great caravans that travel from the lands in the west, full of their magic and amazing spices and silks, to the great Empire in the East, with its smith, science and wealth.

In between are the great mountains the caravan road. On the west side of the mountains are thick forests, full of mists and thick with brush and ancient secrets. To the east of the mountains is a great cliff, and plains that stretch to the far see.

The peoples of Endelwyne, humans, elves and the rest were all created by their Gods at the start of the world. Each race worshiped and remembered their God in a different way. The God of the Gnomes, Swendlebendlebeam is known to be found in pubs and festivals, feasting and laughing with his people. The God of the Dwarves sits on a great throne deep under the mountains and rules his people with absolute authority. The God of the Elves split into, just like their natures, perfect aloof and sublime on one side, arrogant, superior and militant on the other.

The humans scattered across the world, exploring the plains and mountains. They went East and West. In the travels, they forgot the name of their God. So they started worshiping their heroes, or aspects like “life” or “the harvest”. The humans built totems to these heroes when they died, or worshiped the totem to an aspect. Over time, the spirit associated to that totem was empowered and became tangible. To the level the totem was worshiped, was the power of the god within.

In time all the human tribes had their own totem, which could be a statue, and ancient piece of oak or stone or a form of abstract art. As the tribes grew in strength one tribe found that by capturing the totem of another tribe they could hold the god hostage and control the conquered tribe. The Chieftain of this tribe was named Assar and he demanded that this tribe worship him as a god. As he collected totems he also demanded that the conquered tribes and their gods, worshiped him as well. As he grew in power he became a god-king and eventually the Assarisan Empire had conquered the plains, from the mountains in the west to the sea in the east. North to the impenetrable dark forests and tundra and south to the broken lands. The god-king Assar became immortal as the living symbol of his Empire.

History of Endelwyne

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