Glass blowers of world renown, the Fireshapers are a unique guild.  Masters of color and art, they live with the same wild style as they create in their glass creations.  While they also create mundane items, like potion bottles and the glass equipment needed to brew potions, their real love is creating glass art, like stained windows, bowls and lamps.

In the gloom of Twilight Park they create color and brightness.


(Chaotic Good, artistic, spontaneous, disorganized, colorful)


Deep in the abandoned mines below the city a layer of very fine sand was discovered.  This sand, mixed with some old forges was found to make an incredibly strong and clear glass.  Through experiments and finding a stash of ancient powders, the founders of the guild were able to create glass in every color of the 

Size and Areas of Control


  • Guild Members: 65
  • Associates: 200 (Shop Keepers, Apprentices, Workers)
  • Leadership Council: 7


[[The Világosság]] is the Fireshapers Guild Hall.  It is a walled, sprawling campus that includes workshops and residences for the guild members.  It was built on the original entrance to the mines that held the ultra pure white sand used to make the first glass the guild formed.

There is also a small magical library here as a sub-set of the guild is quite enthralled with all manner of light and fire magic.


The village around the Vilagossag is generally considered Fireshaper territory.  The "Light Town" or "Color District" has many shops selling Fireshaper goods.


Of course the guild has a direct affinity to all glass blowers, but also claims artesians in other crafts as well.  The guild controls the mine that creates the perfect glass sand, but they are willing to sell to guild members and even occasionally non-guild members if they have a particular skill or recognized ability.  The guild operates a bit like an artist commune, allowing for all kinds of avante-garde and artistic types to make use of their guildhall and live in their district.


The Fireshapers are the most neutral of the guilds.  They tend to publicly stay away from the internal politics of the guilds.  Most of their members have an deep connection back to their original craftsman roots.  For this reason they see the other guilds, especially those that have become highly powerful and political, like the Ringhammers, as betraying their forebears.  Glass blowing is a soothing, but difficult art.  Most members of this guild find enough in the simple art an creation of glass to be fulfilled.

Notable Members

Guild Master Orosz Árpád
Master Glass Shaper Pataki Nikoletta


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