The Drumgarde are a guild that has abandoned their original purpose generations ago.  Originally a group of artisans that specialized in creating musical instruments the group quickly started taking over Taverns and running bars.  The leadership of the guild recognized that the money was in running the taverns, and then in running breweries and distilleries.

The leadership of the guild now keeps a tight grip on the taverns and social life of all Twilight Park.  They are incredibly powerful, and rumored to support a secret thieves guild that also controls a great deal of the organized crime in the city.


(Business Culture that is focused on profit and control, Lawful, Secretive, Vindicative)


The Drumgarde may have started as musicians but they have lost all semblance of their free spirited roots.  They do keep a few workshops across town making instruments, but this is most just out of nostalgia and keeping a few traditionalist happy in the guild. The guild now either runs, or shake downs the majority of the taverns and bars in Twilight Park.  The also control most of the alcohol market in the city, making them very wealthy.

Independent "stillhouses" and "taps" have sprung up around the town.   The guild actively looks for these businesses and will approach them to join the guild, or will shake them down.  Mysterious fires and deaths have occurred related to taps and the Drumgarde is always suspected.

Size and Areas of Control


  • Guild Members: 215
  • Tavern Owners: 523
  • Enforcers: Up to 350
  • Leadership: 1


The Drumgarde Guildhall is the largest Tavern in Twilight Park, the Horfsminhaus. The tavern can hold up to 1000 people at its long communal tables.  There is music and dancing at all hours of the day.  The tavern never closes.  On the second story are mid-level accommodations.  The third level are the nicest accommodations in all of Twilight Park.

The basement of the Drumgarde open into an underground area of restaurants and kitchens.  The area was once some kind of hall the dwarves used.  It is made of interconnecting halls with vaulted ceilings and incredible stonework.  For those looking for a quiet meal in a secluded grotto, or the best pot of goulash in all of Endelwyne, the restaurants are the place to go.


The guild doesn't have an area of control within the city. They do control or have access to the majority of taverns in the city.  Drumgarde guild members often visit taverns, or travel with deliveries to the taverns.  They check on business, rumors, etc.  Drumgarde also operate the majority the breweries and distilleries in town.  They control the trade, so in that sense they have a great area of control across the town.  Taverns that don't purchase from Drumgarde find themselves very dry and in danger of property damaging accidents.


The Drumgarde has lost almost all vestiges of their origin.  Unlike the Ringhammers, who still keep the outward appearances their blacksmith origins, the guild has become nothing more than a business organization.  Most of the members fashion themselves as experts in taverns, cooking, or brewing.


The Drumgarde and Ringhammers have officially created an alliance between their two guilds.  It is widely known that the two guilds work closely together.  Being the two most powerful guilds in the town, that tend to track to illicit activities, the alliance was as much a means of avoiding conflict.  Both guilds have the ability to tread on the other's areas, so working together is the best way of insuring peace.  The Drumgarde is also well known to be a strong supporter of the Jade Guardians.  The Guardians insure plenty of farm space is used for growing the grain and hops they need for their industries.

Notable Members

Drumgarde Master

Guriant Sambell

Tavern Master

Ungust Rablin

Master of Breweries

Hearda Sandar


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