A Darkening Twilight

Endelwyne Book 2

A Darkening Twilight


It had been a cool spring morning when the group came together.  They had thought it was a bit of random chance.  Meeting the man Marsus, and his Minotaur Brill.  The small group, a native human, a traveling elf, a humble hermit gnome and a halfling monk were all simply in the right place at the right time to go chasing after their dog Copper.

It was a hot summer day when the group of adventures reached the top of an ancient pyramid.  They had traveled across a continent and visited a city once thought destroyed.  Two more had joined the team, a street-smart assassin and a half-orc with a strong arm.  Together, they had watched the death of their patron Marsus and Brill.  They escaped through a city full undead and survived a journey through the open plains.  Together with their new friends the companions defeated a pair of trolls and survived a sewer full of horrors.

At the top of the pyramid, they reached their goal, only to find they had been betrayed.  Marsus had used them to distract his true enemies, the wizards of the White Council.  Marsus had recruited them, never believing they would have survived or stuck it out to finish the mission.  He faked his death, somehow getting murdered in front of them.  Marsus showed no regrets when it came to light that part of his plan required his trusted guard Brill to be hacked to death in a camp of Wild Hunt fanatics.

Marsus had discovered the truth of the ancient Assarisan empire.  The cult of priests of Assar had discovered how to bind the power of Totem-Gods to their God-King.  The Wild Hunt, the greatest threat to civilization ever seen, destroyed the Cult of Assar and freed the Totem-Gods, by destroying their totems.  Marsus, bound to a Totem-God of knowledge traveled to the Capital City of the Assarisan Empire to read the Book of the World Names.  A rumored ancient tome that contained the true name of every Totem-God ever captured by the Assarisans.

Captured under a dome of force, the companions were powerless as Marsus discovered the Book of the World Names, was not a book at all but a column of clay sheets, that had each been imprinted with the true names of the Totem-Gods.  Using his bound power of the knowledge god he absorbed the names as the clay column disintegrated in a flash of energy and power.  With the true names of all the Gods, Marsus now laid out his plans.

He will become the new God-King of the humans.  Without a leader to follow, he explained, there is nothing to stop the Wild Hunt from eventually taking over the whole world.  Marsus wants to lead a great army by uniting all the cities of the mountains behind him and his religion.  Done with his explanation, a war band of White Council wizards appeared all around him.  Marsus seemed calm, almost like this capture was part of his plan.  The wizards captured him and then vanished.  The companions were left to defeat a great dragon and to discover the treasure of long lost people.

With the assistance of two freed totem-gods, the companions got their next direction.  To stop Marsus they would need a Book of the World Names.  There maybe one left.  A highly placed priest of Assar took a copy of the book, a secret copy, to the mountains to keep it safe from the hordes of the Wild Hunt.  That priest stopped in the city of Twilight Park, and after that, they path goes quiet.

The companions have been sent to Twilight Park, to find clues about the lost priest and his tome, which could determine the fate of the world.

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A Darkening Twilight

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