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  • History of Endelwyne

    [[Home Page | Home Page]] Endelwyne simply means "through" in the ancient language of the Assarisans. The name comes from the great caravans that travel from the lands in the west, full of their magic and amazing spices and silks, to the great Empire …

  • The Horde

    h2. The Horde h3. Summary The Horde is the name given to the great mass of monsters that swept down from the Northern Forests and Tundra to destroy Assarisan Empire. The Horde is made up of mostly Centaurs but other wild creatures such as goblins …

  • The Battle of the Pass

    The pivotal battle during the Invasion of the [[The Horde | The Horde]], when the combined forces of the Mountain City States and the Elves stopped the Horde from following the plains refugees into the Pass. After this battle the Horde disbanded into the …

  • Aurel

    Aurel is a Totem-God that has an aspect related to water. Her followers take a sip from water squeezed from a stone during their rituals. During their trip to Last Well, the Heroes ran into a few followers of Aurel in the Caravan they crossed.

  • Kun Tan

    The Kun Tan Empire rules the West of the world.  Lead by the Sun Emperor they are a great power.  Caravans from the Empire contains silks, spices, exotic spell components, rare metals and ores and fine furnishings.

  • Mornia Republic

    The Mornia Republic is the great power of the East.  A unified Republic of City States the power of the Republic comes from their organization and structure.  Their professional army, the Legion, is the most powerful in the world.   …

  • Seven Jewels

    The Seven Jewels is the name given to the seven free cities in the Mountains.  From West to East they are:

    The [[Flat Iron Collective]]


    The [[White City]]

    [[Twilight Park]]

    [[ …