Assar the Great

The lost God-King of the Assarisan Empire



Prince Assar was the third son of the first King of the Assarisans. The tribe grew from the fertile Dysaren Delta and expanded rapidly, first through trade and then military conquest.

Prince Assar was slated to be a military general given his order of birth, however, his prowess on the battle field and incredible leadership quickly gained him followers across the grown Empire.

When his father died, Assar had already prepared a coup. His followers swept through the streets. His older brother died in his house, after it was overrun with by a well armed mob. His second brother was captured and swore fealty to the the young Prince. Assar sent him to be the leader of military contingent he sent to the South.

The first years of Assar’s reign were full of conquest. It is suspected that these years are when he founded the Clerics of Assar and started capturing the totems of the tribes he conquered.

As he entered into middle age the rate of conquest slowed, as the Empire now encompassed nearly the entire northern plains. The border with the northern forests was protected by outposts and forts. In the South, the unconsolidated, and nomadic people would prove more difficult to conquer.

It was at this time when Assar revealed himself to the Empire as a God-King. He dispatched his Clerics across the world with totems of himself. This had never been done before, but using the magic they had created, the totems because collectors of power that funneled back to Assar himself. His aging slowed, and by the time he should have been turning gray his vitality and strength returned. It is said that from that point forward his effective age appeared to be around 30.

Assar the Immortal lead his people in more growth, but more importantly through his sound rule and fair policies the economy flourished. He encouraged magic and science and was said to be a lover of gardens. The surplus wealth of the Empire was boiling over and the living state of most members of the Empire was incredible comfortable.

He was in the perfect position then to send emissaries to the far corners of the world, and when they returned, Caravans followed shortly behind. He set about a massive public work, building the Caravan route across the plains. Taking nearly 100 years to complete, the great caravan road was finally finished and the Assarisan Empire took its place among the Kun Tan and Mornia Republic.

The caravan route grew over the decades in importance and size. Embassies were established between all of the Empires, and the independent city states in the Mountains. As the Seven Jewels grew in size and wealth Assar turned his gaze to invading the Mountain Regions.

As the story is told, he was never able to determine a way to invade up the passes in the great escarpment. It was strategically impossible and his best advisers counseled against it.

It may have been during these years that Assar’s reign took a different style. A few rebellions had started and there had been attempts to recover totems from the Totem Garden wonder of the world. Seeing this as a threat Assar’s retribution was complete and brutal. Tribal leaders, and their entire families, were completely wiped out. Cities were enslaved and sent east. Assar became a tyrant and brutal leader.

His once thriving Empire, was still known for its learning and great economic power, but now he ruled with absolute power. His Clerics spread out across the Empire and reinforced his worship as a living God. Every village had a totem to Assar and the Clerics mercilessly required his worship. In small pockets of the Empire, the old totem-gods were still worshiped and remembered.

Assar’s reign lasted for nearly 700 years. Near the end, just prior to the Horde, rumors had started in the Empire that Assar might have been sick, or that his powers were waning. He wasn’t seen in public, accept for rare religious holidays. Then, right when it appeared their leader was faltering, the The Horde broke through the northern frontier.

The final end of Assar has been lost to the fog of war. The Capital fell to the Horde, but even by then it was assumed that Assar had abandoned his people. His death, final resting place is unknown. Every one of his totems were targeted by the Horde and destroyed during the war. Regardless of what happened to Assar’s physical body, the destruction of his totem’s, and murder of his Clerics and the end of the religion that gave him power, surely would have been his end.


Assar the Great

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