Endelwyne Campaign - Fifth Adventure

Assault on the Goblin Camp Session #1


As morning breaks across the Andal Crags the heroes rush down upon an unsuspecting Goblin horde.


Marsus, Brill and the heroes split up, each attacking a separate look out tower. The magic users rained fire bolts into the shotty made and rough looking towers. They quickly started to burn as the tinder dry wood, collected out in the plains. Each tower has a few goblins stationed that start to send their own arrows back at the characters. A few hits land but with their armor the PCs are able to shake off the damage. The fire bolt cantrips seem especially effective at catching the towers on fire, but not in time to stop the Goblins from raising the alarm. Continuing north the Goblins have built a stockade around the entrance to their dungeon lair. The PCs can see a few buildings behind the stockade, and a second, smaller walled stockade that seems to be protecting a door carved in a towering redstone crag.

With the alarm raised the PCs make their way towards the stockade. They area around the settlement seems, tainted, somehow. Like the goblins themselves have changed the dirt and the grass around the area. Brill the great minotaur, senses danger coming from the groups left and charges towards a group or goblin riders on filthy Worgs. The stockade wall swings open and a line of Goblins rush forward. They carry spears and look like they have been trained to fight in a line. Behind the first stockade opening are rows of goblins all waiting to rush out to the plains.

Seeing a great opportunity to trap the goblins in the stockade door way Sharasen and Turok cast flaming spheres into the lines. The goblins were struck totally by surprise. The line failed as the bursts of white hot spheres like mini suns erupted in the middle of their formation.

The PCs, sensing and advantage rush forward to press the fight, as now the swarm of goblins stuck inside the stockade are trapped or have to rush past the flaming spheres blocking the doorway. The heat from the spheres lights the lashings holding the wooden stockade together and the whole long fence seems to be starting to go up in flame.

Rushing out of the smoke and sparks are suddenly made raving goblins. They wear armor with spikes and are frothing at the mouth. Two of the monsters rush at Red Feather, showing no concern for this arrow flights they leap on him, trying to damage him with the filthy rusty spikes on their clothes and chest armor. He resists the leaping attack of the first, knocking it down and killing it with his Tomahawks.

A second set of specialized goblins try to reorganize. These goblin are carrying full sized shields that almost completely cover them. They are moving cover for other goblins that start firing arrows from behind the cover. A small group joined together, but Turok swept his flaming sphere directly into the wall, blasting through it and scorching the goblins behind.

The flaming spheres kept the first wave of attack disorganized, but it was quickly clear that it wouldn’t be enough for the PCs to stop all the goblins. Flames traveled quickly through the lashings of the stockade and the wooden posts started to fall apart. The goblin horde, seeing a path away from the flaming spheres rushed the wall to break it down and rush over it like a wave.

Calling upon his powers, Marsus struck. A great whirlwind of flame rose up from the middle of the goblins, just as they started their rush. The great fireball exploded across the morning plains, leaving the goblins completely devastated. The fireball set a blaze the closest building inside the stockade as well, which sent think acrid smoke through the whole area.

Goblins that could, retreated quickly back into the crag, through an entrance carved in the crag behind the now ruined and burning stockade. The remaining goblins that couldn’t retreat fell into a frenzy of panic, and seeing no other option simply attacked the heroes the best they could.

Brill stopped the rush of the Worg riders but seemed to be outnumbered, as Zook cast a moonbeam into the middle of the attackers. Some of the goblin riders were overwhelmed by the spell, but their more powerful mounts seemed unfazed. One Worg ran straight at Zook, attacking him and knocking the small gnome prone. Under the weight of the worg Zook transformed into a great bear, fighting with tooth and call and dropping the worg after a terrible battle.

Working together the heroes defeated the remaining goblins, shocked a bit by their specialist troops. The searched the interior of the stockade and found that the first building Marsus put up in flames was some sort of temple, with rotting horrible create carcasses hanging from the rafters. The second building in the stockade appeared to be some kind of stock house, but the items were all starting to rot and were unusable. Again the goblin taint seemed to have leached the very goodness out of the items the PCs found.

Taking a breather and realizing it was just mid morning, the PCs planned their next move. They play to rest, before assaulting the blocked entrance to the goblin warren.

DM’s Corner

This was a really fun night and a great adventure to put in the player’s path. After the last well night, I felt like I was doing to much steering and as there are a few adventures coming up that are more related to the story, I added the goblin warren so the PCs would have a bit more of an open world play experience for a few sessions. They also needed some serious combat experience as we hadn’t done that.

Of course the Andal Crags are based on the Garden of the Gods, as the picture shows.

As I was mapping out the area, I thought it would be cool to have the PCs do a bit of a dungeon crawl as well. I always want a cohesive story, meaning, I don’t like dungeons that are just “there” in the world. Even with magic, dungeons are hard to build and I want them to always have a purpose in my games that make sense. Coming up in the next adventure will see how I did!

The PCs give as good as they get when they assault the Goblin settlement. They take out the sentry towers with fire magic and then release flaming spheres that stop a charge from the goblin stockade. They drive the goblins into their lair, carved out of the red sandstone spires of the Andel Crags.


Coyote Coyote

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