Endelwyne - Adventure 17

Rats! Why is it always rats....


The hero’s catch a bit of rest, deep under the outskirts of the Capital City. Making sure they kept a watch they all recover from the events of the day and the battle with the ghouls and ghast.

Waking, they get back to work and start clearing the rest of the drains needed to raise the flood gate. Zook Timbers leaped at the chance to clear the first drain and quickly got to work. The rest of the team stood guard, ready to attack if any more mephits showed themselves. From out of no where two Imps, a black and red and a bright pink, appeared from their invisible hiding places and attack Zook. Ready for anything the rest of the heroes attacked immediately. Zook’s powerful Guiding Bolt destroyed one of the villianous devils. Red Feather grabbed the second, just like in the first battle, but it twisted and sunk a dangerous dose of poison into Red Feather’s neck. Holding it in place the final strike by Ivor – The Rogue finished the devil.

Thankfully the third drain was easily cleared without any issue.

Gaining his courage, due to hating the slick filth surrounding them in the dank sewer, Throkk stepped forward to clear the next. His first pull of the debris pushed through into a nest of disgusting sewer rats. They crawled up his arm and covered him in bites. The team reacted quickly to defeat the swarms. Sharasen cast an illusion of cats, which scared off a number of the rodents. Throkk grabbed two and bite them in half and finally Zook had the crazy idea of clearing out the rest of the drain, which filled the room was a gush of water. It swept the rats down out of the room and away from heroes.

Looking at the reservoir they found it wasn’t yet full. So they returned to the room and started searching. Ivor was the first to see a final covered drain. This was off the ground and only about 2 feet in diameter. Throkk lifted the two smallest, Zook and Sharasen, into the tunnel so they could crawl to where it was blocked. It took Zook and Sharasen to work together to break a jam of broken boards and bricks.

Pulling hard on a locked piece of wood, the jam released, flooding the tunnel. But as soon as it did, more of the debris got caught up behind Zook and Sharasen. Stuck in the now pitch black tunnel, full of rushing water they both panicked, and started to drown.

Seeing the other team members in trouble both Throkk and Red Feather tried to reach into the rushing water to break the barriers. Throkk released a large piece and Red Feather removed the last.

Throkk captured Sharasen as he rushed from the tunnel, but to Throkk’s surprise the small halfling tried to kick out at the half orc and then rushed back into the water. Zook shot out of the tunnel and was able to roll, as he hit the floor.

Overcome by the Spirit of Aurel Sharasen tried to return to the water and drown himself. Red Feather rushed forward and tackled the small halfling, driving him out of the water and putting him in to a full nelson head lock until the halfling regained his senses.

The heroes had to recover quickly from the shock of Sharasen’s actions to rush to the flood gate door. The rushing water from the drains had filled the reservoir and raised the door, but the water was leaking out and the door was slowly closing.

All the heroes made it through, to find themselves standing in a small room with a staircase in front of them. Walking up the stairs the heroes are faced with a horror. The floor of the square cistern room is covered in a gel of decomposed bodies. They are all bothered by the scene. Ivor notices a bag of gems, but after pulling it out of the ooze and seeing a belt slip of the bag, the belt that the victim was wearing when they died, he was so disgusted he simply dropped the bag and left it.

The group sloghed across the filth of the floor into the first room on their right. Ivar crossed the large square room quickly and tried to unlock a gate at the far side. The rest of the team entered the room and took up positions to defend against any attack. The attack came suddenly as a ghast charged at them from another room, but moments before he was wihthin striking distance of Throkk’s axe the floor movved up in a heaving mass of mouths and eye balls and devoured the undead creature. Throkk witnessed the horror and while he tried to preserve his metal capabilities they slipped, from him, ever so slightly.

The group was suddenly beset as the ground came alive. Attacking them were sentient piles of gore, mouths and eye balls held together by a protoplasmic tangle decomposed flesh. Red Feather took the brunt of a terrivle attack from an ooze that congealed behind him. He was soaked in acid and had to flee the room as his armor smoked and his skin blistered. The rest of the team went to work, fighting the creatures with flaming spheres.

Not having time to dwell on the horror that had just over taken him, Throkk gripped his axe and went to work on the now screeching horror in front of him. Slash after slash took the create to pieces, and he never was over taken by the horrible screeching and talking coming from the multitude of mouths on the moving horror. With a final devestaing slash Throkk destroyed the horror. A flaming sphere burned up one of the other brown oozes, and seeing this the second pile of mouths and eyes and two other ooze simple sank back into the gore on the floor and vanished.

Taking a few moments to reset, Zook healed Sharsen, that had been dropped and nearly swallowed by the ooze.

The heroes when quickly to work, spreading out across the cisterns, checking all the locked gates to see which one would let them out. Most of the hallways were collapsed or caved in.

Finally, in the far back corner of the cistern complex Zook found a tunnel, behind an iron get he can’t open, that had the faintest glint of sunlight at the far end.

The small gnome shouted out in excitement, and in an instant found himself alone in the room facing another pile of mouth, all shreaking in delight, and two yellow brown oozes moving to his position.


Coyote Coyote

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