Endelwyne - Adventure 15

A new party forms and the Capital is reached


Faced with a troll in front of them and one behind them, the heroes quickly break into action. The nasty beast in front of them, blocking their path down the bridge has and additional arm growing from this right forearm. The monster picks up a boulder and hurls it at the wizard Turok, damaging the wizard with a solid hit. Sharasen, with newly trained Monk skills rushed toward the first troll and attacked it with his Bo staff.

Red Feather turned an attacked the troll behind them with his flashing tomhawks. To help help him Turok released a flaming sphere against the troll behind them. The terrible fire attack prevented the troll from healing the damage dealt be the brutal tomahawks of the tribal warrior.

Zook Timbers followed Turok’s lead and released a flaming sphere of his own to challenge the troll ahead of them, also preventing the beast from recovering any health.

The team, exhausted from nearly seven weeks of travel across the plains fought with new vigor as two strangers joined the fight, climbing up onto the bridge. The troll’s shock and anger at their meals escaping caused them to lose all sense of their plan and attack the prisoners that had escaped. Throkk Baldesh, a battle hardened Half-Orc Barbarian met the troll with his battle axe and the battle went back and forth as the two strong melee experts damaged each other. The troll’s rage met that of the barbarian, but left the creature exposed to more damage from the other characters.

Behind them Red Feather tore down the other troll, leaving it bleeding black sticky ocher all over the bridge, before a final blast of heat from the flaming sphere finished the creature. Shocked by the abomination, Red Feather cut off its head, separating it from its body by throwing it over the bridge.

The forward troll succumbed as well, leaving the heroes spent, but alive against two horrible challenges.

Investigating the lair of the trolls the heroes found a loose stone which hid some treasure and supplies they took with them.

The travel into the first borough of the city was uneventful. The heroes were all hit with different emotions as they entered the ruined city. Signs of battle and death were visible across the vast city. Just this borough was larger than most cities and of the heroes had ever seen.

The spent the day exploring through the ruins. The wizards successfully found a spell book. Several of the other heroes found useful items and treasure. At the end of the evening, the caught a glimpse of a hooded figure on the roof above them. As they leapt up to give chase, the road beneath them gave way and they fell into darkness beneath the city.

DM’s Corner

Honestly, this was just a fun adventure. Trolls. Bridges. It was planned before Craig and Ryan joined us, but turned into a great way to bring them into the game. The characters did a great job taking down the trolls and using their flaming sphere’s to keep the regeneration powers in check. The trolls did some damage, but at the end of the day were push overs with out their regen powers.

I wanted to make sure wizards got the chance to find a spell book, as they have now leveled up while traveling, which makes learning new spells a bit more challenging.

I have a random encounter table for the capital and will use it as the PCs travel to the hanging gardens, will see what they run into!

Thanks for the fun!


Coyote Coyote

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