Endelwyne - Adventure 14

New Heroes Join the team


Ivor arrived in the White City. He had left behind the the guild which had been part of his life since he was a child. He had nothing when he arrived, but quickly earned a reputation for his skills. Even with the watchful gaze of the Great White Tower, and the White Council, crime still flourished in the city.

Tonight, his target was a wealthy merchant. His employer hired him to return a personal item, a pocket watch, from the merchant. Of course, he was only returning it to the rightful owner. Ivor waited outside the merchant’s shop. The tall gentleman left right at closing time. His fine clothes and top hat should have been easy for Ivor to spot. Distracted, the young rogue missed his chance to tail him. Realizing his mistake, and in a panic he raced into the crowded street. With skill he dodged horse drawn carts that never saw him leap from the crowd. Ivor kept to alleys and tried to catch the merchant, somewhere on his route home. Ivor thought he had lost his mark. At the last moment he turned a corner and saw the hat above the crowd. He moved through the crowd like a serpent and caught up to the man.

Timing his lift perfectly, he bumped the man, shuffled to his left and quickly walked away. A heavy gold watch resting in one of the hidden pockets in his vest.

The sun had set by now as Ivor made his way across the city to meet up with this employer. In his excitement he didn’t check his tail, and never circled back check he wasn’t being followed.

The half-orc Throkk Baldesh had drank and eaten his fill, twice, that afternoon. Deciding to take a break he stumbled out of his low rent tavern into the back alley to get some air.

Stretching, he marveled at the city. Above him was the the elegant, but somehow utilitarian dome. Inside, the magic of the city kept the climate temperate, besides the White City’s extreme altitude. Belching, Throkk turned and saw a human rogue walking towards him. Then he stopped suddenly.

Ivor felt a vibration in his pocket from the watch, just before it started to siren. The ringing filled the quiet night with a terrible alarm. Fear gripped him as he reached into his pocket to remove the watch. He stopped when a shadow behind him caught his eye, and his instincts took over. He turned to find himself face to face with three black cloaked and armed ruffians. The middle of the three he recognized from the guild, he though he’d escaped.

Throok watches as words are exchanged between the two. Reading the scene, Throkk reaches back to his axe. The rogue human is out numbered and he sense from the posture of the three that he will need some help. T he three attackers draw weapons against the one.

Ivor drops the watch, as it bursts open sending darts in all directions. A few strike Throkk and he shrugs them off as he rushes in. The half-orc roars and bares his canine tusks as he attacks the assassins. Ivor, recognizes the help immediately. Even though he can’t use his sneak attack against the well trained rogues, the sudden appearance of a raging half-orc quickly turns the tide. In moments, Ivor and Throkk stand together, looking at three dead assailants. The noise of the battle has drawn attention, so the two flee across the alley and into the night.

They stay off the main avenues of the city, the great ringed boulevards. Instead they try to cut across the city heading, to a quiet area along the southern wall. Sure that they have left any pursuit behind they slow their pace and come around the corner, only to run into a finely dressed human wizard.

Deagean Truewatch introduces himself, and establishes that he knows them both. He knows Ivor is trying to escape from an assassins’ guild, and that they now know, exactly where he is. He knows that Throkk has just murdered three men in the street. Deagean invites them to dinner and walks them to a posh residential area. They walk into a Tavern called the Candle and the Platter. Despite the later hour the tavern is still full. It is comfortably appointed, with candles creating a sense of warm sophistication throughout. Deagean walks in with understood authority and not an eye in the place look up. This is all the more noticeable to Throkk. He has never been in place quite so nice, and would have expected stares or worse given his heritage.

Dinner was an full assortment of smoked meats and cheeses delivered on a silver platter. Throkk ate his way through two of them, along with several pitchers of fine wine. Deagean stayed professional throughout, and at the end of the meal, made his pitch.

The White Council, which he represents a small arm of, has need for a few people like the two of them. They have a young member of the Council that has left to go explore the old Assarisan Capital. The Council believes he is up to something that could be damaging to their interests. The target, Marsus Tanak, is from a famous and old family. His companion, Brill, is also from a royal Minotaur family. They need to either, convince them to return. Or, stop them from reaching the Capital, whichever they choose. Regardless, they need to be discreet.

Throkk and Ivor take the job. Deagan takes them to a safe house and explains how this will work. The team, including other bounty hunters will join a caravan and travel east. They will be well supplied and will travel as White Council merchants.

After a few days, hiding out in a fortress, the day comes and they head out. Joining the caravan is an incredible experience. They see the great wagons and the transforming tavern cars.

The great elevation of the White City, means that it is trapped in perpetual winter. As the caravan goes lower in altitude its like they are traveling the seasons in reverse. They travel through fall colors, brilliant yellows and reds. The low valleys are masked in morning fog.

The Caravan makes its way to Twilight Park. Ivor and Throkk take advantage of leaving the caravan for a few days. They get in a bar fight. Then they meet a strange recruiter that try to get them to go to some group called the “Council of Naman”. Finally, they are almost injured by a terrorist attack from a group called the “Scions”.

The Caravan continues East, but the White Council group sneaks off down a separate road, to the north. This road takes them away from the typical caravan road. Marsus has left Gravel Creek, so they are going a route that they hope will get them to the Capital first.

They arrive at the edge of the world. The great cliff that is the end of the mountains and they see the incredible view. The entire plains seem to spread before them, all the way to the horizon.

Their White Council leader takes them to a ruined tower at the edge of the cliff. They all walk in, and then walk out at the base of the cliff, nearly a mile and half below where they walked in.

Their next stop is in a broken canyon land. They stay for a few days, resting and resupplying with other White Council agents. There is a camp here with lots of activity. It seems they are excavating the stone villages built underneath the rim of the canyons. Ivor and Throkk see the White Council workers removing statues and boxing them for shipment.

The group of bounty hunters continue their journey and make their way to a river that will take them to the Capital. When they arrive they are outfitted with canoes and supplies by and advanced team from the Council. They are making their way to the Dysaren Delta.

The canoe trip is uneventful, until they mistakenly travel into the territory of some fierce woolly hippopotamus. The canoes are overturned and many of the party are killed by the beasts and their great tusks. Ivor and Throkk are able to save each other, but find themselves with few of their supplies, now dangerously deep in the wilderness.

They decide to travel on, with the only other survivor of the canoe trip. The Capital City remains their destination. The journey is difficult with the lack of supplies, but delta is bountiful and once they start to notice they come across ancient orchards and overgrown farms.

The small group comes across the skull pyramid as the sun is setting. The terrible toll wrought by the Wild Hunt is on full display as they look at the pile of thousands of skulls. They have bleached white in the sun over the decades since they were left there.

They are sure they just a few days from the Capital now, as they leave the pyramid behind. The Delta is in full bloom now, in the start of the summer. To make it across the swamp and wetlands they use a bridge originally built for the caravan road.

Exhausted, and hungry their guard is down as they stumble down the bridge. Behind them, and in front of them trolls ambush and capture them.

Over the next few days they have to watch their traveling companion, eaten. Just before the trolls decide who will be next, there is a commotion on the bridge above and the trolls run off to find out if more victims have arrived.

Ivor and Throkk are left under the bridge, in woven sacks. Looking at each other they know this might be their only chance to escape.


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