Endelwyne - Adventure 13

Journey Across the Plains


The heroes leave Jembokel behind for the open plains. As the sun rises on the morning after their terrible battle in the train station, they take stock of their new, rolling, home.

The train seems to be a transport of some kind, with amble room to store supplies but limited seating for passengers. The first day they simple rest, they have plenty of supplies and Zook Timbers kept the traveler’s waterskins full with his create water spells.

After several days of travel though the team realizes that they train route is moving away from their only reference to the Capital, the Caravan Routes. So on the third day they make a plan to leave the train and head overland. The heroes can’t figure out a safe way to stop the train, so judging the speed isn’t deadly, they jump.

All the heroes land easily, with Red Feather makes a perfectly timed leap, not loosing a step as he lands among the thick grass all around them.

Using their survival and nature skills the companions travel in the right direction, reading the land, to find a small oasis. They camp at the water hole for the night and refill on their water and some supplies.

The find the Caravan Road again and head north east towards the Capital. On the journey they come across a terrible scene. Dried wagon husks circled on the road where it’s obvious a battle took place. They find the remains of a few human children. Searching through the battle remains they find some rations and an explorer’s pack that is still in perfect condition after all the years in the elements.

Continuing their travels they come to a large ravine, where the Caravan Road once crossed. Now the bridge has been destroyed and with the equipment they have, scaling the rock walls just doesn’t look safe. So, they head east along the ravine until finding a passable location. Without trouble they are able to pick the Road back up and continue on.

With two hard and monotonous weeks on the trail, the heroes start to get on each other last nerves. Using some insight and diplomacy they were able to work through their issues and come together as a stronger team after having gone through a difficult period together.

As the travel gets easy and the weather improves the trip becomes as enjoyable as possible. Coming into a lush valley they find a huge migration of herd animals and are able to catch several. They make camp to smoke meat and rest. The days are warm and they are all well rested.

The main predator of the herds are a great terror bird. With the scent of the drying meat and the fact that they had never seen humans or others before, a herd of the birds decided to attack the camp.


Looking for better ground, the heroes make a break for a large rock out cropping to escape the murder of terror birds. Turok and Sharasen aren’t able to make it though and get caught by the birds. The rest of the team rushes to their aid. Seeing that their prey won’t be going easy, the birds break off the attack and flee. They leave the camp in total disorder as they flee.

Despite a rest in camp and a few days off the trail, as they return to their journey it is clear that Turok’s injuries from the battle of the Will-o-wisps. In order to make it easier for him, Zook, transforms for as many hours per day as he can, into a horse so Turok can rest as they travel.

Across the world several mages of the [White Council] attempt to scry on the heroes, using a subtle spell and their abilities the mages are able to look in on the party. They are able to listen in on them for a while, before determining that their target does not seem to be traveling with them.

During the next few weeks the heroes are trapped in a terrible sandstorm. The wind whips them and covers them in a black grit that gets in their hair and noses. It is a terrible experience and at one point they have to shelter together through the night, not even able to put up shelter because of the high wind and low visibility. Luckily, they don’t loose anyone in the storm and are able to save their supplies from any damage as well.

Reaching a high ridge and looking down on the lush Dysaren Delta the PCs see what appears to be a white pyramid. All the heroes see it, but Sharasen and Zook notice what it is first. The strange landmark sits just to the side of the caravan road and at the edge of the Dysarsen Delta border of the Capital City. As the approach, the realize with horror that the pyramid is really a pile of sun bleached skulls. Some have the archaic antler symbol of the Wild hunt scratched into their bone of their foreheads.

The heroes are shocked by this testament to absolute horror that was the invasion from the Wild Hunt. The Capital City had been one of the greatest cities in the whole world, and if the stories are true, it was wiped out in a matter of days.

Out of the view of the others, Sharasen takes one of the skulls and pockets it in his pack.

The heroes are energized by the knowledge that after a nearly six week trek they are now nearing the end of their journey move quickly down the ruined caravan road. They reach a bridge across a wide creek and carefully cross it, before it falls apart.

The road carries them to another section of bridge. This time it is made from stone and still very much intact. As they travel across the bridge they notice several destroyed wagons and piles of stones, but too late, realize they have walked into a trap. Ahead of them, and behind two giant trolls crawl from under the bridge and reveal themselves. Bill and Larry laugh at each other and make jokes about tenderizing the little folk because they taste best, before pushing the wagons across the bridge and grabbing a number of stones to ready to throw at the heroes!


Coyote Coyote

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