Darkening Twilight Campaign - Adventure 1

The adventure continues...

A Darkening Twilight

Adventure 2.0


The cold reached them first.  After months under the warm sun of a hot spring, they had gotten used to wearing their threadbare clothes.  In the high mountains and under a shadow of a great peak, they were suddenly chilled.

The portal had worked just as the totem-god Tamitar had said it would.  The heroes found themselves on a hill, looking down on a portion of the caravan road that was busy with travelers and merchants. To their right was the sprawling city complex of Twilight Park.  From their vantage point, they could follow the caravan road down the canyon into the city.  The famous Burroughs lined the walls of the canyon complex.  The two great peaks towered over the city, keeping it forever in shadow.

Each hero took a moment to gather himself.  Throkk wanted only a good meal in a civilized place.  Red Feather reflected on how far he had come from the days following the loss of his tribe. 

The heroes set off for the road and followed it into the city.  Passing a cemetery on the outskirts of the town a play of light and shadow caught Sharasen and Turok's eyes.  The name Throkk seemed to shine forth from a tombstone.  Until the turned and saw that it belonged to another.  Broth Rokkerth.  The sight startled the friends, they weren't sure what it meant.

Once in town, the heroes immediately felt out of place.  Their ragged clothing, dented armor, and rough demeanors set them apart.  Eyes from every corner seemed to be follow them.  With a mixture of guile and a bit of luck they made it to a tavern called the Lyrical Orc.  The doorman immediately swept them up and took them to a large upstairs room.  It was set up for larger traveling parties, and in quick order a delicious meal was set out for them.

Their first days in the city were eventful.  As they tried …



Coyote Coyote

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